Posted by: Billy R. Williams Ph.D. | March 3, 2014

How to easily add text messaging to your agency/business operations

How to easily add text messaging to your agency/business operations Image

Ever since facebook decided to spend $16 Billion for the WhatsApp text messaging app, Inspire a Nation has been bombarded with request to explain how text messaging could and should be used in an insurance agency.

Adding text messaging to your current processes is a low cost, simple process, and whatever you do, don’t get taken in by the opportunists that are going to try and charge you a arm and a leg for a text message solution.

The process I am sharing with you is free!

  1. Get a Google Voice local number – Google voice allows you to call or text the number
  2. Ask your customers to text their name, the words “Permission to Text” and the phone number they are giving permission for you to text (i.e. John Doe, permission to text, 111-111-1111)
  3. Have the Google Voice message forwarded to your preferred email account, so you don’t have to log into Google to retrieve your text and voice messages
  4. Update the number in your agency management system as a text friendly number. (We do this by creating a field in our database that says “Text Message Number”)
  5. Only send important personal text messages. Don’t use text messaging like you would a mailing or emailing campaign

Is this the only option for getting text messaging into your agency or business? Of course not, but it is a quick, easy, versatile, and most importantly, free solution!

Active Inspire a Nation Members please review Process 11 and 42 in the Inspire a Nation Video and Document Library to learn how to use text message options other than Google Voice, and how to use text messaging with processes such as endorsements, claims, policy reviews, and quote follow-ups.

Billy R. Williams, President – Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring –

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