Posted by: Billy R. Williams Ph.D. | July 5, 2009

Now is the time to stick with what works, not gimmicks!

4th is over! It is time to get back to business. The year is half over. Here are some things you have to think about going forward:

Check out some of my free marketing videos After you have watched them, make sure you put together a true marketing plan and work hard to meet all of your yearend goals. If you read the article above (Q1 Insurance Industry Loss) you will see that everyone is having a difficult time.

The only way out of this as an agent is to increase your total prospect database, while maintaining and deepening the current client relationships you have in place. That is why it is important that you participate in tools like Social Media such as face book, Linked in, Plaxo, Twitter etc., as well as communicating true value to your customers through processes such as “customer policy reviews”, “policy weakness conversations”, and “how can I serve you better contacts”.

It is time to use automation to the fullest to help support your staff contacts with prospects and customers. If you are buying internet leads think about using new technology that will automatically quote a lead and send it out in seconds. If you are buying list, use some of the automated quoting tools that are on the market that will allow you to quote 100’s or 1000’s of prospects quickly and at a low cost.

Now is the time to build and strengthen your referral networks. Don’t you want other people to help you through this time? Guess what? Other people can use your help as well.

If you do not have an agency video you are missing an additional 10% of your potential market. Are you a black zebra with white stripes or a white zebra with black stripes? Without seeing or hearing something that sets you apart from everyone else, will a consumer know the difference?

This is not the time to waste money on new marketing gimmicks and tricks. This is the time to go with what you know that works, as well as looking for effective “no cost” or “low cost” tools and processes that we can add to our current marketing strategy.

This is where Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring shows its true strength. We don’t sell stuff or recommend programs or tools because they pay us to do it. We are researchers, and our entire purpose is to identify the best “no cost” or “low cost” tools and processes that an agent can use to grow their business. Check us out at

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