Posted by: Billy R. Williams Ph.D. | July 4, 2009

How to create an manage an X-date

How to create an manage an x-date

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Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring
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An X-date is an important tool in an insurance agency. This article will give you the actual steps to creating an managing an x-date

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • Your primary database
  • Contact information for a prospect
  • Contact information for a customer
  1. Step 1

    Identify a prospect or current customer’s renewal date on their current insurance policy. If they have multiple policies, use the policy date that is closest to the current date and set your follow-up date at 45- 60 days prior to renewal. (75 days is it is a current customer and they are likely to receive a rate increase)

  2. Step 2

    Put important information about the prospect or customer into their database record. information such as insurance score, current carrier, claims info, and any information that will allow you to have a better conversation with them on the follow-up date

  3. Step 3

    Create and send a standard email, phone call (live or automated), and postcard template to the customer or prospect on the follow-up date. Make sure the follow-up date is set to automatically pop-up on the activity date.

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